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Ligo Mainnet Reward Guide

Reward Guide - English

  1. Citizen registration fee is 1,000,000 $iGO.
  2. Senator registration fee is 10,000,000 $iGO. To officially become a senator, a citizen's vote is required. The voting power of citizens equals the asset weight in the citizen pool. More than 2/3 of the total network assets must vote in favor for one to become a new senator.
  3. The first phase supports BTC cross-chain deposits (other inscribed assets like $Ligo will be implemented within this month April, and asset management partners are accelerating the launch).
  4. $iGO is the functional token on the LIGO #BTC L2 blockchain. 4.5 trillion are obtained by mining block producers. Mining rewards are distributed as follows:
    • 20% for the technical development and operations team for seventy years,
    • 30% to Senators,
    • 50% to Citizens and their supporters.
    • Of this, Citizens can draw no more than 20% from the block reward (out of the 50% allocated to them).
    Specific mining and block production earnings are as follows: The first year’s reward per block is 142,694 IGOs, decreasing by 20% each year until the seventieth year when it reaches 0 IGOs.
  5. Ordinary users can earn block rewards through voting. Voting rewards are distributed based on the asset weight of the voting users. The formula is:
    (User's staked amount (IGO, BTC, etc.)) / (Total staked by that Citizen) * Block reward * 50% * (1 - Citizen's reward draw ratio)
    The staking weight of BTC or other cross-chain assets is determined based on the ratio provided by the price feeders.
  6. To incentivize Citizens to refer users, Citizens who refer users can receive 0-20% (the ratio is set by the user, with the system default being 10%) of the pool rewards as a management fee.
  7. Senators evenly split a 30% fixed block reward. Cross-chain withdrawals require approval from 2/3 of the senators to be completed.

激励指南 - 中文

  1. 公民注册费用1000000 $iGO;
  2. 议员注册费用10000000 $iGO 需要公民投票才能正式成为议员,公民投票的权重等于公民矿池的资产权重,需超过2/3的全网总资产投票通过才能成为新议员;
  3. 第一期支持BTC跨链充值(其他铭文资产如$Ligo将在本月内实现,资产管理合作伙伴正在加快上线进程);
  4. $iGO是LIGO链上的功能代币,4.5万亿由挖矿出块者获得,挖矿奖励分配如下:
    • 20%技术开发运维团队七十年费用,
    • 30%议员,
    • 50%公民及其支持者,
    • 其中,公民可以从块奖励中抽取不超过20%(从分配给他们的50%中)。
    具体的挖矿产块收益如下:第一年每块奖励142694 IGO,每年减少20%,直到第七十年减至0 IGO。
  5. 普通用户可以通过投票获得区块奖励。投票奖励根据投票用户的资产权重分配。公式为:
    (用户质押数(IGO、BTC等))/(该Citizen质押总数)* 区块奖励 * 50% * (1 - citizen质押抽成比例)
  6. 为了激励Citizen推荐用户,Citizen推荐用户可以获得0-20%(比例自行设定,系统默认为10%)的矿池奖励作为管理费。
  7. 议员平均分配30%的固定块奖励。跨链提现需要2/3议员的批准才能完成。