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Unlock the Potential of a Layer 2 with True Decentralization.

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A High-Performance BTC Layer 2

The first fully-decentralized Layer 2 with fast and cheap transactions

From Bitcoin 7 TPS to LIGO with up to 30,000 TPS or more

Innovative consensus offering more security and decentralization

Solution fully programmable with gaming language LUA

Strategic Partnerships

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Through partnering with Sinohope, Ligo Network secures an advanced stance in asset protection and management, empowering our technology with leading MPC solutions. This synergy aims to set new standards in blockchain security and trust.

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Waterdrip Capital

Waterdrip Capital's early investment has been a driving force, enabling Ligo Network to pioneer innovative BTC Layer 2 solution. Their support highlights our shared commitment to evolving digital asset infrastructure.

Enter the Next Era with Ligo

Enter the Next Era with Ligo

Ligo addresses the limitations of the original Bitcoin network, including scalability and the absence of Turing-complete capabilities. Our state-of-the-art Layer2 solution ushers in a new paradigm where decentralized applications thrive on the bedrock of the most trusted blockchain.

  • Years of reasearch at the National University of Singapore, Blockchain Lab
  • The most performant layer 2 - Innovative Consensus and fully decentralized
  • Working with listed partner Sinohope, for virtual custody and MPC Wallet mgmt.

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